Registration Form Teneriffa 2017

This is the registration form for your binding booking for the Worldmeeting.

Here you may book your room!!

The flights you must book yourself either online , through a travel agent or the airport directly .

The airport (Teneriffa-South) is about 20 min. away from the hotel.

If you encounter any problems please contact:

Udo Herterich
phone: 0049-2205-83520
fax: 0049-221-790760076

This is how it works

1. This is a booking inquiry
2. Please wait for confirmation
3. after the confirmation pay the room and the additonal solidarity / World Meeting package
4. the final confirmation will then arrive in written form

Book your room

A room of your choice for 7 days (20. - 27. May 2017)

For each traveler there is a additonal solidarity / World Meeting package : 100,00 € to add to the room price.

For example: Standart Sudio (2Pers.) 623.-€ plus solidarity / World Meeting package : 200,00 € makes 823.-€ to pay.

If you wish to arrive earlier and / or stay longer please check the following box und fill in your traveling data in the textfield wich will appeare as you check the box. The room you wish to stay has to be marked in any case.

My personal data

This is a service you have to pay for. You will find a link to the price in the text at the bottom of the form.

Second Traveler

Third Traveler


Please wait for the Mail confirming your room.
With this mail you will also receive everything you need to tranfer the money.

Please buy a cancellation insurance so that you avoid unnecessary costs if you can not come in cases of illness !

We are not a travel agent and we can therefore reimburse no costs. We are not a travel company. We only offer the service of booking to your relief.
The flights you must book yourself either online , through a travel agent or the airport directly .

Anyone can also be picked up from the airport also with a wheelchair . The costs extra have to be paid locally. You can check them out with the link below.

Please specify at time of booking the flight number , airline and flight times.
"Normal " Taxis are available outside the airport.

!! The transmit button will only appear when the box below is checked !!

If you do not see the confirmation screen after pressing the transmit-button please check the form again for "everything" is filled out and try again.